Crush the Skull premieres at Los Angeles Film Festival!

I was so thrilled to finally see Crush the Skull with all my favorite people! It was a wonderful evening. Apparently there was such a demand for the first screening that the festival added a second one on June 17th at 9:30pm. (Tix here:

It’s still cold in North Conway-Days 4-6

I am from San Diego PEOPLE. My body shuts down below 65 degrees. This 27 degrees thing is really challenging me to just exist.

Well, its official. North Conway has the nicest people around. Everywhere we went, people were so helpful and receptive to Katie and I. What is this world where people say yes to everything you ask? And show you their houses, bars, restaurants, barns, coffee shops etc. no problem. I can’t wait to feature all of the wonderful places in this town! Also, I can’t wait to eat the lobster again.

It was a long 6 days. And basically we scouted this movie at the most freezing and treacherous time of year. We are insane. INSANE. And on top of that, we might shoot it at this same time next year. EVEN MORE INSANE. Also, don’t try to make sense of the suitcase in these pics. It makes sense within the story! I promise.  Check out pics below 🙂

Note to self, it’s cold in North Conway- Days 1-3

Katie and I have been on the east coast location scouting for our new movie North Conway. And holy moly have we found some locations. Whoa. First off, Rockport, MA is the cutest most beautiful beach town in history. They seemingly have a population of 30. And their big New Year event was lowering a ball of lights from a fire truck ladder in the middle of the town square. I swear, I thought I was in Gilmore Girls for a hot second. Secondly, North Conway is so snowy and lovely and picturesque. BUT I AM SO COLD. ALL OF THE TIME, COLD. Please tell me that after 5 days I will somehow adjust and be able to deal. No? Yeah…I thought as much. Anyhow, we are having a great time and meeting people all over town trying to get a feel for the area.  See some highlight pics from Days 1-3!

Look ma! Dolled up at the launch of new clothing line KYO!

Went to support my girl Katie Savoy last night at the launch of a wonderful new line called KYO ( Instagram: @designbykyo)! Katie was the model for the line and it looked amazing. See some shots below! (For more Katie, go to

KYO is designed by the lovely Neha Kapur Nayyar.  Her clothing is feminine, conservative, yet fashion forward, and original.  It was such a pleasure to meet her.

As you can see Katie and I didn’t have a problem taking some awkward photos next to the mannequins.  I mean we’re never weird at events. Ever. We definitely don’t spill things on our shawls or stand in the middle of the room alone…Ever…

PS. The outfit I’m wearing was styled by my friend Kerry Hennessy of House of Leighland Hennessy!  If you need styling, they are the ones to go to.   Twitter: @maisonlh Instagram: @leighlandhennessy


Boo.Thats a wrap on Crush the Skull!

I can’t believe I have to say goodbye to all of these wonderful people.  I have never enjoyed working on a movie so much.  I loved sinking my teeth into this weird character. And I feel like like I made some really great friends.  As you can see from all of the sad face pictures…it was an emotional day. I can only hope this movie turns out as good as I think it will…just so I can see all of these people again either at festivals or on future projects. Thats a wrap on Crush the Skull! I can’t WAIT to show it to everyone.

Day Seven: Crush the Skull

Tim Chiou wrapped today, and I started to get super emotional!  I wasn’t expecting to be so sad on the SECOND to last day. Lord knows what tomorrow will be like.  Other than that, it was really fun today.  Chris Riedell made me laugh during our entire scene. Which was a welcome departure from my normal “hysterics.”  And today I got to fake shoot a gun…which I realized I am terrible at.  I have never used a real one…so that’s probably why. Highlight of the day. I got to look through a door jam with intensity. Acting!

Day Six: Crush the Skull

Today was the EASIEST day by far!!! I didn’t have to scream or cry at ALL!  All I had to do was walk down hallways.  And then I took a nap.  This was actually called “work.”  Acting.  On set today I was reunited with the fantastic “killer” Walt Bost. Walt is actually the nicest man in real life.  But, in this movie, not so much.  The blood splatter on Walt and I was especially detailed today.  (Thanks to Becca Abraham) Also…Katie Savoy and I had some really “candid” moments watching playback.  Tomorrow will not be so easy. A lot of screaming to come…