Boo.Thats a wrap on Crush the Skull!

I can’t believe I have to say goodbye to all of these wonderful people.  I have never enjoyed working on a movie so much.  I loved sinking my teeth into this weird character. And I feel like like I made some really great friends.  As you can see from all of the sad face pictures…it was an emotional day. I can only hope this movie turns out as good as I think it will…just so I can see all of these people again either at festivals or on future projects. Thats a wrap on Crush the Skull! I can’t WAIT to show it to everyone.

Day Seven: Crush the Skull

Tim Chiou wrapped today, and I started to get super emotional!  I wasn’t expecting to be so sad on the SECOND to last day. Lord knows what tomorrow will be like.  Other than that, it was really fun today.  Chris Riedell made me laugh during our entire scene. Which was a welcome departure from my normal “hysterics.”  And today I got to fake shoot a gun…which I realized I am terrible at.  I have never used a real one…so that’s probably why. Highlight of the day. I got to look through a door jam with intensity. Acting!

Day Six: Crush the Skull

Today was the EASIEST day by far!!! I didn’t have to scream or cry at ALL!  All I had to do was walk down hallways.  And then I took a nap.  This was actually called “work.”  Acting.  On set today I was reunited with the fantastic “killer” Walt Bost. Walt is actually the nicest man in real life.  But, in this movie, not so much.  The blood splatter on Walt and I was especially detailed today.  (Thanks to Becca Abraham) Also…Katie Savoy and I had some really “candid” moments watching playback.  Tomorrow will not be so easy. A lot of screaming to come…

Day Five: Crush the Skull

I have a whole new respect for screamers in horror movies.  That shizz is hard…especially when it is accompanied by running.  This  can be illustrated by our lead, Chris Dinh, taking a well deserved nap on some cardboard. Also, take a look at my view of the crew as we filmed in the hallway.  They look pretty badass.  Not to mention the makeup peeps, Becca Abraham and Hannah Sherrer, were on top of their game.  They worked their creepy magic on Tim Chiou doing some amazing special effects makeup.  He may or may not have had to wear a green skintight jumpsuit…for reasons I will not disclose 🙂 So stoked because tomorrow I get to work with the lovely Walt Bost again! Also, I got to see the promo that we shot at the end of yesterday. It looks AMAZING! I can’t wait for it to come out.

Day Four: Crush the Skull

Today we shot a creepy promo and I did my voiceover work from the dungeon.  I realized today that I only have four days left of shooting and the thought was very sad indeed. I will miss it a lot.  Hopefully this is just one of many features to come where I can work with these people. 🙂


Day Three: Crush the Skull

Today I saw the set that they have been building for a month inside of the warehouse and it is AMAZING. They have made the creepiest dungeon/torture warehouse in history.  And on top of that, the crew was extra lovely today.  These people are awesome. Perhaps I should figure out how to get features funded just so I can hire them all and work with them 24/7. I finally got to act with the wonderful Chris Riedell and was reunited with Living with Models alumni Tim Chiou (“Kim”).  And then of course there was the normal amount of on set antics with Katie Savoy. Great times all around.


Day Two: Crush the Skull

I was so excited to be back on set today!  This was my last day at the “vacation home” location.  Next, we move to the creepy underground dungeon…and I CANNOT WAIT to see what they built.  Apparently it’s super scary.  I got to watch a little playback today, which was such a treat. I can’t wait to see the whole thing. And I, of course, had to rep Living with Models today…shameless…I know. But oh well. Also this cast rules. A lot. As you can see, we don’t like each other at all.  If you are curious as to how this feature came about, there is a link below!!

Crush the Skull: The Short on Youtube!



Day One: Crush the Skull

I started shooting yesterday, and it was awesome. I got really bloody and super dirty with Katie Savoy. I can’t wait to shoot more!

Newest project! The Week

I associate produced on this feature last year, and I am excited to announce it is almost done!  Here is the website that is now up and running!


I’m Jamie Lee Curtis! New project-Crush the Skull

Starting next week, I will be filming Crush the Skull: The Feature alongside former Living with Models costars Katie Savoy, Justin Ray, Jessica Bailey, and Tim Chiou.  Directed by Viet Nguyen, Written by and starring Chris Dinh. I will be playing Vivienne Thorpe…and let’s just say, she’s a wild card. Short shorts, oily hair, and a lot of screaming.