Screening of The Week at the Austin Film Festival!

This past week was a busy one! Robby (my brother) and I traveled to the lovely city of Austin, Tx for a screening of our movie The Week. It was especially fun to have Robby there, as he and his band (Trouble in the Wind) scored the movie! Robby brought his travel guitar and played some songs from the movie beforehand and then he got to watch the film for the first time! Though it was a whirlwind trip, Austin is a special city filled with barbecue, the Paramount theater, live music, adorable bars, food trucks galore, and the most amazing river that goes right through the city. Worth it!

Check out the trailer for The Week HERE:

Interview on The Whole (S)Tory

I was contacted by the lovely Tory Gallery for a Living with Models Season 3 interview! Click on the photo to read it AND for possible Season 3 spoilers…;)

Interview Link:

Crush the Skull premieres at Los Angeles Film Festival!

I was so thrilled to finally see Crush the Skull with all my favorite people! It was a wonderful evening. Apparently there was such a demand for the first screening that the festival added a second one on June 17th at 9:30pm. (Tix here:

We did it! Living with Models-Season 3 Kickstarter

WE DID IT! We raised 20k in 45 days! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed! Click HERE to see Kickstarter updates!

Season 3

Sonoma Film Fest 2015!

Last week, I traveled to Sonoma (life is hard) for the 2015 Film Fest! We were lucky enough to have two projects in the festival. First off, the movie “The Week,” (website here) that we produced, finally premiered! And second, a lovely short called “Muse,” that we had helped our good friend Chris Leps with, was also in the festival. Let me just say, the Sonoma Film Festival was by far the best festival we’ve been too so far: just in terms of the community being so supportive of the films and JUST PLAIN FUN. There was a party every night!  Here are some photos from the fest. Also, I am proud to say my brother scored the film and it ended up sounding AWESOME. YAY! Check out their music at:

Pics from the Fest below!




Oh sorry, I can’t. I’m in Sonoma.

Every once in a while, two things come together and the world becomes a better place. And those two things are: movies and wine.

I’m excited to announce that the feature, The Week, that I recently associated produced on, will be screening at the opening night of the Sonoma Film Festival on March 25th! I am also excited to pretend that I am on permanent wine tasting vacation on a Wednesday DAY. Road trip! In the words of Romy and Michelle, “Woo! Tucson, here we come!” Note to self: Buy super floppy, inappropriately large sun hat.

Bonus: My very own brother’s band (Trouble in the Wind) will be scoring the film. If you feel like having lots of Americana type emotions, check them out at

For more info on the film (starring Rick Gomez and Joelle Carter) here’s the website:


It’s still cold in North Conway-Days 4-6

I am from San Diego PEOPLE. My body shuts down below 65 degrees. This 27 degrees thing is really challenging me to just exist.

Well, its official. North Conway has the nicest people around. Everywhere we went, people were so helpful and receptive to Katie and I. What is this world where people say yes to everything you ask? And show you their houses, bars, restaurants, barns, coffee shops etc. no problem. I can’t wait to feature all of the wonderful places in this town! Also, I can’t wait to eat the lobster again.

It was a long 6 days. And basically we scouted this movie at the most freezing and treacherous time of year. We are insane. INSANE. And on top of that, we might shoot it at this same time next year. EVEN MORE INSANE. Also, don’t try to make sense of the suitcase in these pics. It makes sense within the story! I promise.  Check out pics below 🙂

Note to self, it’s cold in North Conway- Days 1-3

Katie and I have been on the east coast location scouting for our new movie North Conway. And holy moly have we found some locations. Whoa. First off, Rockport, MA is the cutest most beautiful beach town in history. They seemingly have a population of 30. And their big New Year event was lowering a ball of lights from a fire truck ladder in the middle of the town square. I swear, I thought I was in Gilmore Girls for a hot second. Secondly, North Conway is so snowy and lovely and picturesque. BUT I AM SO COLD. ALL OF THE TIME, COLD. Please tell me that after 5 days I will somehow adjust and be able to deal. No? Yeah…I thought as much. Anyhow, we are having a great time and meeting people all over town trying to get a feel for the area.  See some highlight pics from Days 1-3!