Note to self, it’s cold in North Conway- Days 1-3

Katie and I have been on the east coast location scouting for our new movie North Conway. And holy moly have we found some locations. Whoa. First off, Rockport, MA is the cutest most beautiful beach town in history. They seemingly have a population of 30. And their big New Year event was lowering a ball of lights from a fire truck ladder in the middle of the town square. I swear, I thought I was in Gilmore Girls for a hot second. Secondly, North Conway is so snowy and lovely and picturesque. BUT I AM SO COLD. ALL OF THE TIME, COLD. Please tell me that after 5 days I will somehow adjust and be able to deal. No? Yeah…I thought as much. Anyhow, we are having a great time and meeting people all over town trying to get a feel for the area.  See some highlight pics from Days 1-3!