Look ma! Dolled up at the launch of new clothing line KYO!

Went to support my girl Katie Savoy last night at the launch of a wonderful new line called KYO (www.designbykyo.com Instagram: @designbykyo)! Katie was the model for the line and it looked amazing. See some shots below! (For more Katie, go to www.katiesavoy.com)

KYO is designed by the lovely Neha Kapur Nayyar.  Her clothing is feminine, conservative, yet fashion forward, and original.  It was such a pleasure to meet her.

As you can see Katie and I didn’t have a problem taking some awkward photos next to the mannequins.  I mean we’re never weird at events. Ever. We definitely don’t spill things on our shawls or stand in the middle of the room alone…Ever…

PS. The outfit I’m wearing was styled by my friend Kerry Hennessy of House of Leighland Hennessy!  If you need styling, they are the ones to go to.   Twitter: @maisonlh Instagram: @leighlandhennessy