Day Two: Crush the Skull

I was so excited to be back on set today!  This was my last day at the “vacation home” location.  Next, we move to the creepy underground dungeon…and I CANNOT WAIT to see what they built.  Apparently it’s super scary.  I got to watch a little playback today, which was such a treat. I can’t wait to see the whole thing. And I, of course, had to rep Living with Models today…shameless…I know. But oh well. Also this cast rules. A lot. As you can see, we don’t like each other at all.  If you are curious as to how this feature came about, there is a link below!!

Crush the Skull: The Short on Youtube!



Day One: Crush the Skull

I started shooting yesterday, and it was awesome. I got really bloody and super dirty with Katie Savoy. I can’t wait to shoot more!

Newest project! The Week

I associate produced on this feature last year, and I am excited to announce it is almost done!  Here is the website that is now up and running!


I’m Jamie Lee Curtis! New project-Crush the Skull

Starting next week, I will be filming Crush the Skull: The Feature alongside former Living with Models costars Katie Savoy, Justin Ray, Jessica Bailey, and Tim Chiou.  Directed by Viet Nguyen, Written by and starring Chris Dinh. I will be playing Vivienne Thorpe…and let’s just say, she’s a wild card. Short shorts, oily hair, and a lot of screaming.